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My name is Paul Dudsdeemaytha and I was born in Thailand. My first language is Thai but I have also learned to speak English. Thai is the official language of Thailand. This website will introduce you to the Thai language and teach you how to pronounce Thai correctly. This language has five tones and changing one tone in a word could change the whole word. Be careful about what you say, you might end up saying something with a whole new meaning!




Thailand:Brief IntroductionThailand
Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. Thai people have the freedom of religion.  It has a population of about 68 million people. About 95% of the population in Thailand is considered to be Buddhists, and the other 5% of Thai people practice religions. The currency in Thailand is called baht and 100 baht is about three dollar in Canada. Thailand is a tropical country with a hot climate and and heavy rainfall every once in a while. It has a variety of beaches and mountainous areas. In Thailand, not everyone is Thai. Only 75% of the population is Thai, while 14% are Chinese, and the 11% are other types of nationalities. In major cities, such as Bangkok, some Thai people speak English because there are many tourists.

What is Thai?
Thai is the official language of Thailand. The language is based on tonal words, which means the pitch is a very important aspect. Standard Thai is spoken by over 20 million people, although there are many other dialects in Thai spoken in Thailand. Most Thai people can speak basic English because in Thailand, high school and university students learn basic English as a second language.

Throughout this website, you will learn basic Thai words and phrases. You will learn phrases based on subjects such as Hotel Reservations and Shopping. Videos will be in every lesson to help you pronounce each conversation. Listen along while reading. In the conversation of each chapter, you may feel a bit awkward with the translation because I tried to make an exact translation of each word.

Make sure to try out the quizzes and test how much you have learned!

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